Powerbox is a dedicated range of gas fuelled (NG & LPG) Combined Heat & Power units that are designed by Helec Limited under license in the UK.
These CHP designs by Helec afford us the ability to offer more flexibility in providing HVAC solutions in comparison to the mainstream platform produced CHP offerings we see in the UK & European market.
Designed and built by Helec Limited in our UK and Czech Republic factory Powerbox CHP systems are able to be designed and built in order to complete the desired power output specification whilst maintaining the clients request to position into very tight space restricted plant room areas and even built on site if needed as site access to supply as a single unit into the final position may be too restricted.

The Powerbox CHP units use industry leading high efficiency ICE gas engines, alternators, catalytic convertors for low NOx exhaust emissions and the best control systems that Europe has to offer whilst ensuring long and efficient operating CHP solutions.

Take a look below at the core range of power outputs we have available and if what you want is not there then get in touch to enquire as we are always able to accommodate, whatever the size;

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