Combined Heat & Power supporting Education

Schools and Universities face a big challenge in balancing the books with resources stretched to meet the needs of students. At the same time, the reliance on technology is increasing with more institutions offering large numbers of computers and electronic equipment, pushing the consumption of energy further more upwards.

This may seem like a real dilemma but co-generating CHP solutions can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Harnessing site produced power and diverting it to other areas, there’s the potential to save as much as a fifth on energy bills while also reducing site carbon emissions too.

A Greener Future

While cost is a major consideration for any educational facility, the impact on the environment must be factored in too. Schools, colleges and universities are usually keen to lead the way to adopt a greener lifestyle by making eco-friendly choices: this is where CHP can be an asset.

Helec can help educational institutions to meet planning requirements & achieve set point targets by installing a CHP instead of schools relying on conventional energy sources. This can be very effective in demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly solutions and adopting a greener living with co-generation.

The need to reduce the effect on the planet has to be balanced with the essential everyday functions. This is where CHP can offer both. By switching to a co-generated application for thermal energy and power, it’s possible to save more than 20% on carbon emissions – a great example to set students and to promote a greener engagement.

The savings could be even higher for sites where the consumption of energy is greater, such as those with extensive leisure facilities. In these cases, the financial and environmental savings will rise further, while still offering the reliability which is vital.

The Helec Way

Helec are experts in CHP on a large scale, with many satisfied customers from different sectors, including education. We have more than 17 years of experience in installing CHP systems and can offer advice and help about how to get the most out of the switch. We can start by conducting feasibility and energy usage studies and if you decide to go ahead, maintenance and installation can be included as well.

For some, the hassle of installation is a concern with fears over major disruptions on site. At Helec we have our own manufacturing facility which means we can do a lot of the work off site. This allows us to offer a complete, packaged solution with only a minimal amount of hot work required at the school, college or university site.

If you’re interested in saving energy costs for your school and discovering more, contact us here at Helec today for more details.