Helec for Hospitals

Here at Helec we have vast experience in providing CHP systems on a large scale to hospitals, offering efficiency, energy savings and reducing the environmental impact too.

The healthcare industry in the UK has never been under greater pressure to improve performance while reducing costs and a CHP system fits this brief perfectly. Offering significant cost savings while improving performance and enhancing energy security, it’s a simple solution that every hospital should have.

Improving Energy Performance

Combined heat and power, often referred to as CHP, is an easy way to reduce the impact on stretched resources, lowering costs without sacrificing quality.

In a traditional model, a hospital relies on parallel sources for electricity and heat, pushing up the costs by doubling up on expenditure. CHP is a radical departure from this set-up, instead opting for a single purchase of both electricity and heat from just one source.

The reason why this is so important is that hospitals consume vast amounts of energy and at the same time, cannot risk ever running out of either power or heat. The consequences would be simply unthinkable. CHP provides the security of guaranteed power with lower running costs.

Why CHP?

Due to the continuous nature of energy demand from hospitals, the potential savings are huge. By switching to CHP it’s possible to save as much as 40% on the cost of your energy.

CHP delivers the savings by offering a complete heating system based on excess energy produced. This means that none of the heat generated is ever wasted, with all of the energy put to good use.

Natural gas or LPG work best for CHP systems in hospitals, providing the perfect partnership of cost-efficiency and low carbon emissions.

Choose Helec

When you choose Helec for your hospital CHP, you’ll gain the benefit of 17 years of experience in the industry. We only design and offer products which are extremely energy efficient so you can be sure you’re getting the best on the market.

We know the importance of providing reliable energy to hospitals, and appreciate how essential it is to reduce costs at the same time. Helec could free up valuable resources to spend on patient care while providing a CHP system which is BREEAM compliant and with a low emission output.

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