HELEC has over 17 years’ experience supplying energy systems to support commercial building projects by using the best proven sustainable, Low Carbon & Renewable technologies whenever possible.
Reducing our Carbon footprint as a race is always our goal and mission here at Helec and we will endeavour to promote the most practical solution when it comes to looking to produce energy in either a thermal or electrical application.
Here at Helec we like to believe we move with the times so we can always be ready to deliver the next solution, and to that end we are on hand to provide the following;

  • Combined Heat & Power packages
  • Complete CHP service and maintenance packages
  • Thermal stores & buffer vessels
  • Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermal systems
  • Large district residential heating systems through energy centre plant room designs all with our company insured Professional Indemnity
  • Full turnkey survey & design service to provide a complete off-site pre-packaged plant room solution for either in house siting, or an externally sited containerised offering.

Helec – designing effective energy solutions. Providing an extensive range of heating and ventilation systems for both domestic and commercial applications, we pride ourselves in specialising in only high efficiency products that exceed today’s standards. We have particular expertise in renewable & sustainable energy systems including Combined Heat and Power, Solar Thermal and heat pumps.

In working with you, Helec can design, develop and install the energy system needed to deliver reduced operating costs while helping to protect the environment.

At Helec we can offer a complete range of services from the design & consultation stage right through to installation and performance monitoring.
Our experienced team can also advise on existing schemes to improve efficiency and optimise integration of renewable technologies, where possible.