Hotel CHP is a cost-effective way for the hospitality sector to reduce running costs and environmental impact.

Hotels have high energy and heating demands and high running costs. At Helec we can help you reduce energy consumption and the running costs of your business. Hotel’s typically have constant heating demand which makes CHP very effective but they also tend to have peak times where water and electrical demand is high.

At Helec we can analyse your hotel’s energy use and create a hotel plant room designed to meet your energy and heat requirements.

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Case Study – Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay hotel has over 70 bedrooms, a swimming pool, hot tub, spa and Jamie Oliver restaurant. Helec were contacted to address issues with peak hot water demand and decrease the running costs of the hotel – which runs two plant rooms.

We were able to provide a solution encompassing 2 CHP generators and 48m2 solar thermal collectors with 10,000 liters of stored water capacity. The project was completed in 10 months and produced 429,741kgs of CO2 savings a year and a simple payback time of 2.8 years

Our Services

We are able to offer a complete service from feasibility studies and energy use assessments to design and installation of your cogeneration system.

Feasibility Studies

Before designing your CHP system we can conduct a feasibility if required. In the hospitality sector we analyse your heating and energy use requirements with a particular focus on peak times of demand for hot water and electricity. We will analyse the constant demands the hotel has as well as the spikes in use. This allows us to design a hotel plant room that will meet all energy and hot water demands.

System Design and Installation

We will design your hotel plant room and all the necessary fixtures and fittings that will be needed. With guests throughout your hotel we will install your system with a minimum amount of disruption to your hospitality services.

Servicing and Maintenance

We can provide regular and ad hoc servicing and maintenance to maintain your system at optimal performance over its lifetime.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are tailored specifically to your hotel and any leisure facilities you may offer. We offer pre-packaged plant rooms and on-site installations. We are fortunate to have our own manufacturing facilities which allow us to design the power plant room off-site for rapid installation – reducing hot works necessary at your hotel. We can complete all necessary on-site work for you.

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Why Choose CHP for Your Hotel

Hotels have high energy and hot water demands. This makes them ideally suited to CHP systems as there is a constant demand for hot water and electricity. This increases the effectiveness and the savings possible from a cogeneration plant.

Payback times on Hotel CHP systems are typically between 2 and 5 years – which means the ROI is very high for systems in the hospitality sector.

Plant rooms can provide 100% of energy and heating demands for a hotel.

CHP can provide a Carbon Price Support Tax Exemption for hotels

CHP can provide a Climate Change Levy exemption for hotels.

The Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme allows you to write off 100% of the investment in cogeneration.

CHP is BREEAM compliant decreases the environmental impact thanks to the carbon savings of the system.

Which type of CHP is Best for Hotels?

Hotels typically use natural gas or LPG as this is the most readily available, reliable and cost effective technology. We have installed gas CHP systems in a wide range of hotels so contact us today to discuss your requirements.