CHP and Hospitality

If you work within hospitality, you’ll understand the importance of providing a seamless service with guests able to access all the facilities without unplanned interruptions.

This is one of the reasons why energy consumption within hospitality is so high, with hotels facing spiralling energy costs to keep everything running. The good news is that there is another way: CHP.

Here at Helec we offer CHP for the hospitality sector, and with more than 17 years of experience we can use our knowledge to save you money and slash your carbon emissions too.

An Energy Guzzling Industry

The costs of energy for the hospitality industry are universally high, and demand is unrelenting with the need to provide heating and other services too. If you have leisure facilities on site, the amount you spend on energy is likely to be even greater, guzzling up a large proportion of your budget.

CHP offers a simple way to give you back some of this money, increasing your profits as well as providing an eco-friendly answer too.

It works by ensuring that none of the energy which is produced is wasted, diverting it back to where it’s needed in a cycle which ensures you get the benefit of all the heat that’s generated. It manages this by using a single source for both electricity and heat; combining the energy in this way allows it to used far more efficiently than conventional generation.

As well as having an ongoing demand for energy, hotels often experience surges at peak times. CHP can comfortably deal with these spikes in consumption without sacrificing performance in any way.

The Cost Savings

It may seem hard to believe but CHP doesn’t just offer improved capacity and reliability, it also offers significant cost savings too.

A cogeneration plant enables the savings to be made while still providing 100% of the energy needed for the hotel.

The cost of installation will depend on the exact requirements for your hotel but there are a number of ways to offset the cost. When you choose CHP you can utilise Carbon Price Support Tax Exemption and Climate Change Levy Exemption, as well as writing off 100% of the expense of your investment under the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme.

All of these exemptions mean that it’s possible to pay back the investment within a relatively short period of time, leaving your hotel free to reap the rewards of making the switch.

Greener Solutions

Aside from the benefits to your business, another advantage of CHP is that it’s a greener solution too. For hotels, either natural gas or LPG is recommended to cut emissions while still retaining the maximum efficiencies for technology.

Customers are increasingly attracted to businesses who operate an eco-friendly policy so as well as helping the planet, you could be giving your hotel a competitive advantage too.

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With lots of the plant work completed offsite and only minimal hot installation work required, it’s surprisingly easy to switch to CHP.

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