Generating your own power is generally cheaper than buying from the grid

Cost to generate your own site power with a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) packaged solution using Natural gas, LPG and Biogas as a fuel source is widely cheaper than simply buying electrical power from an energy provider.
The financial savings can be considerable, along with energy security, control and visibility of the OpEx costs to run your site.

Take a look at the matrix table below which will give you a snapshot view of the cost per kilowatt to generate your own site power.

Matrix table showing cost to generate own power

Simply scroll down the left side to the gas tariff amount you get charged, then run across to the nearest power output your site uses per hour to show you what the price to generate yourself will cost.

Subtract this p/kWh from your current electrical tariff rate and there is your saving per kiloWatt.

Mulitply this by your annual kWh annual usage and see your net savings, simples 🙂

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