Helec Limited are one of the leading UK Combined Heat & Power suppliers with an inhouse service & maintenance division.
Our factory trained engineers have the capacity to service, maintain and repair most types of plant room CHP systems found in todays commercial and large domestic settings. Here at Helec we provide Ad hoc maintenance, pre-planned service calls and emergency call outs (where applicable).

Combined Heat & Power units require a service interval after a number of operational run hours have been logged (just like a domestic car)
Service intervals from new CHP units supplied by Helec must be carried out by trained Helec engineers for warranty validation and requested extended periods. However, we can train third party partner engineers to the required standard when “Open Protocol” is requested by clients on certain models (see products section to verify which models offer this facility)

Helec provide competitive CHP service & maintenance packages in a variety of levels, namely Service only, Silver Plan and Gold Plan.

The Service Only option is a ‘pay as you go’ service charge providing:
>Routine service interval of CHP unit at designated manufacturers completed run hours. Please contact service@helec.co.uk for specific CHP run hours per service.
>Web based 24-hour monitoring, remote fault diagnosis and system rectification.
>Safe waste oil disposal and filter and plug changes
>Gas safe certification on completion.

The Silver Plan is designed to offer full scheduled service support and non-labour related costs for unscheduled maintenance to include:
>Planned servicing including labour & travelling
>Any parts required for unscheduled maintenance
>Web based monitoring of CHP operating system & broadband rental
>Extended parts only warranty
>Safe waste oil disposal
>Gas safe certification on completion

The Gold Plan is designed to offer the client complete piece of mind and allows for a comprehensive approach to owning and operating a CHP system. Helec recommend this plan for all users who expect their system to operate above 6,500 run hours/year.
The Gold Plan includes
>All planned servicing including major planned maintenance, labour & travelling.
>Any parts required for unscheduled maintenance
>Up to four (4) days labour for unscheduled maintenance
>Web Based monitoring of system & broadband rental
>Extended warranty
>Safe waste oil disposal
>Gas safe certification on completion

Helec pride ourselves on having one of the most reliable and efficient CHP maintenance divisions in the UK. With over 17 years experience in the industry we have the expertise to help your CHP system always run efficiently.

Please feel free to get in touch with our service team to ask for a quote via email:
service@helec.co.uk or call the service number on 0330 2232401