AST Plastics Wrexham
AST Plastics get low cost power with a Helec CHP package
Summer 2023 saw the Helec team supply & install a twin engined CHP containerised PPA package to AST Plastics, Wrexham.
Edwin Holdens Bottling Plant – 200kWe CHP
Helec deliver a full M&E package with a 200 kWe CHP & 5,000 ltr thermal store to support the Opex costs to this 80 year old established bottling plant in the West Midlands
Tewkesbury Park Feature
Helec delivers immediate savings of around 30% on Tewkesbury Park’s heating bills
The Helec team were instrumental in transforming Tewkesbury Park's plant room & energy infrastructure.
Snowdrop Place – Assisted Living care home
EM16NG CHP for 70 bed care home
Helec commission a 16kWe CHP to support onsite power at a newbuild assisted living care home
Low Wood Bay Hotel
50 kWe CHP in pool plant room
Helec installed an Energimizer EM50HNG CHP in the spa plant room, supplying 87 kWth of heat and 50 kWe of power to the site services.
CHP Hotel
South Lodge Hotel
50 kWe CHP running on LPG
Another Helec CHP working 24/7 to deliver upwards of 325,000 kWh worth of low cost energy to this prestigious hotel
Victoria Way Greenwich
We installed a 70 kWe CHP unit at Victoria Way Greenwich to support the Fairview Homes site's district heating scheme.
Finsbury Tower_KE-MNG 130 eco CHP
KE-MNG 130 kWe CHP
Read more about a new 130 kWe combined heating & power unit we installed at the iconic Finsbury Tower, London.
Berol Yard Tottenham Pre-packaged plant room
EnSmart Energy Centre for 167 residential apartment block
The Helec team designed and delivered a pre-packaged energy centre to the Formation Group's new build project in Tottenham, North London.

    Take a look at some of our case studies to see how our 16 years in the industry allows us to dramatically reduce energy usage and costs through our innovations in cogeneration technology.

    HELEC is an industry expert in providing reliable energy supply systems to buildings and business around the country whilst utilizing the latest innovations in renewable as well as sustainable advancements in technology. Our Cogeneration solutions have been chosen by a variety of companies since they are valuable to many different industries and buildings for saving on energy costs and reducing overall usage.

    The case study examples below provide details on some of the sectors and industries in which our Cogeneration technologies have been utilized in. Ranging from agriculture to hospitals, retail and hospitality industries as well as manufacturing buildings, our CHP is guaranteed to save money and reduce your energy usage for a lighter footprint. Should you not see your industry listed in the case studies below, feel free to contact us, as we have a variety of options to suit your needs and business industry.

    HELEC technologies are effective in providing energy solutions that utilize thermal resources, combinations of power and heat, solar thermal solutions, intricate system designs as well as installing and designing all systems to suit your specific business needs and industry. We assess your current energy needs and devise effective solutions that can be used in both industrial and residential buildings and surpasses the current standards.

    Our team of experts will walk you through the complete process to provide solutions beginning with consultation and design, and keeping you informed through the installation as well as tracking of the systems performance on an ongoing basis. We will also continue to determine how your current systems are running with the latest standards, and provide changes or input on improvisations in the future which allow for the optimisation of our systems to save you money as well as energy expenditure.

    We’ve devised systems for a variety of large industries including the case studies listed below for great companies such as the Moat House Care Home, Lawrence Square London, Beechwood Secondary School, Watergate Bay Hotel and Hengrove Park Leisure Centre and allowed them to drastically reduce their energy usage and bills.

    Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and determine which of our latest energy reduction systems are an ideal fit for your home or business industry.