As this proud family run company celebrates its 80th year in business in 2023, Holdens Bottling Plant in Dudley, West Midlands opened a new chapter in their heritage with the installation of a 200 kWe CHP unit.
Contract bottling & bulk beer processing is a competitive business with independent brewers always looking for the best deal. Therefore, any savings that could be made in reducing operational costs were of extreme value to Ops Director, Mark Hammond and his team.

The Helec project team took this brief onboard and designed & installed a containerised Gentec KE-MNG 200 CHP unit along with a 5,000 ltr thermal store which is heated to 75 degrees by the engine jacket cooling system & exhaust gas heat exhanger.
This is hydraulically connected up to the site services to provide hot water for the bottling cleaning & flushing process & connected electrically to the main MCCB for site wide power to this long established Dudley business.

With the site now being enveloped with residential housing nearby, the CHP unit only runs through the day shift at the moment delivering 2,000 kWe/day, with an annual generation of circa 720,000 kWh.

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200kWe CHP at Dudley bottling plant