HELEC provides Combined Heat & Power solutions to support residential buildings HVAC schemes UK wide.

Helec CHP systems provide essential low cost ‘lead power’ to district housing schemes and those which contain multiple residential dwellings through the design and build of single point of distributed energy centres.
These energy centres provide primary space heating & domestic hot water along with onsite produced electricity in an efficient way that can reduce running costs by up to 40% and help reduce stakeholders environmental impact. The practical sustainable cogeneration systems also provide a reduction in carbon emissions by up to 20% so that users can feel reassured about their environmental footprint. Helec systems also ensure that new builds meet current BREEAM standards of compliance.

Our professional technical design team are available to handle the process from start to finish ensuring that you are informed throughout the entire design and installation process. Once we have completed our feasibility studies and designed and installed your systems, we also perform regular scheduled maintenance of your plant room systems along with direct assistance should any of your system require attention.

Our residential cogenerative systems can be utilized in a number of applications including district heating to reduce the energetic impact and reduce carbon emissions of multiple-dwelling buildings. This can greatly cut your energy costs and total energy consumption.

For multiple occupancy and large residential schemes we can assess the size and type of the cogenerative solution that would be most effective for your development. The type of systems that are possible depend on the size, age and current energy efficiency of the building. Helec solutions have been proven to reduce energy costs by as much as 40%, even in buildings which have high energy demands such as those developments which contain spas and swimming pools.

Natural gas as a fuel source for running cogeneration CHP units is still one of the best performing in its cost efficiency and also the most popular option for residential buildings. As a fossil fuel goes it still remains the most practical cost effective fuel source option throughout the UK.

Our solutions are renewable and sustainable sources of CHP technology which we continually maintain for maximum efficiency in the long-term. In some rural areas it is also possible to utilize biomass and biogas options to the CHP natural gas, however the raw materials must be in place for this to be a good potential alternative.

Give us a call today so that our dedicated team of experts can begin an assessment and feasibility study on your property type and size, in order to design the perfect sustainable solution to dramatically reduce your costs and your current energy usage.

Plant room for residential apartment block

Plant room for residential apartment block


Victoria Way Greenwich
We installed a 70 kWe CHP unit at Victoria Way Greenwich to support the Fairview Homes site's district heating scheme.
Berol Yard Tottenham Pre-packaged plant room
EnSmart Energy Centre for 167 residential apartment block
The Helec team designed and delivered a pre-packaged energy centre to the Formation Group's new build project in Tottenham, North London.
plantroom wider
Whetstone Square – Packaged Plant Room cw CHP
EnSmart Energy Centre for residential housing scheme
Case Study – An EnSmart packaged plant room which supplied a 46 property residential housing scheme at Whetstone Square