Helec have extensive experience providing combined heating and power systems to care homes and assisted living schemes through design assistance and supply via a wide choice of available CHP sizes to suit the desired application and the size of property to service, helping care home providers reduce energy costs as well as contributing to the environmental impact of a dual energy provider from a single fuel source.

Care homes are particularly well suited to CHP as there is usually a higher than normal demand for space heating throughout the year along with high consumption of domestic hot water providing long operational hours – usually 24 hours a day – meaning energy demands remain high enabling the CHP to operate for long periods.

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Our Services

At Helec we offer a holistic service from feasibility studies and specification to installation and maintenance. Our service encompasses:

Feasibility Studies

Before installing a CHP system, it is a good idea to have a feasibility study conducted. This will analyse your care home’s energy usage, your building’s energy efficiency and determine the type and size of system that will be most useful for your home.

System Design

We will design your CHP plant and its integration into existing electrical and heating systems – this includes the design of all pipework and fittings that may be required.


We will install your system into your plant room in effective time frames and with a minimum of disruption to your residents and your homes operation. We can create systems off site to reduce disruption and installation times.

Servicing and Maintenance

Maintaining system efficiency and reducing possible downtime is essential in care provision. We will provide scheduled and ad hoc maintenance with a 24 hour call out should anything need attention.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are tailored specifically to your home – whether that is a small or large building. This ensures you have a system that meets your energy requirements as closely as possible and provides the highest savings possible. Our solutions include:

Pre-Packaged Plant Rooms

With care homes minimising disruption to residents is of critical importance. At Helec we maintain our own domestic manufacturing premises where we can create CHP systems ready for installation. This reduces the need for hot works at your care home and means that actual on-site installations can be completed in a short time frame. These designs mean all ductwork, piping, flues and boilers are already in place and are simply installed into your plant room.

On-Site CHP Installations

We can complete all on-site installation work regardless of whether you are having a pre-packaged plant room. Our dedicated teams can ensure quick turnarounds which is particularly useful if other building work is being completed at your premises or if your plant room adjoins residential accommodation.
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Advantages of CHP for Care Homes

Care homes are ideally suited to combined heating and power as they have a continuous and high demand for heating and electricity. Most care homes have a constant heating demand which increases the efficiency of the converted electricity to heat. This allows greater cost savings – allowing a reduction in energy use by as much as 40% with a standard system.
CHP can provide all of the heat requirements for your care home whilst also providing energy security with a self-contained system.
Care home CHP systems are relatively small and have low noise emission levels which means they are unlikely to disturb your residents.
Return on investment is fast thanks to the high energy demands of care homes – typically systems will pay for themselves in less than 5 years – though this of course varies by site.
CHP is BREEAM compliant and has a positive environmental impact due to the energy savings versus conventional heating and electric systems.

Which type of CHP is Best for Care Homes?

Though there are a wide variety of options with CHP the most reliable and efficient technologies are natural gas or LPG. We typically recommend these systems for all care homes as they can provide the necessary heat and power requirements reliably and cost efficiently.