Educational establishments including schools, colleges and universities can often benefit from CHP systems as they have high energy demands throughout the year.
CHP plants helps schools meet BREEAM targets as well as offering significant cost savings versus conventional generation techniques. Average carbon savings for schools are above 20% on a CHP system as are energy savings – significantly reducing energy bills.

At Helec we have extensive experience in the education sector providing design, installation and maintenance of CHP systems of all sizes.

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Our Services

At Helec we can provide a complete service from conducting energy usage and feasibility studies to design, installation and system servicing and maintenance. We can help you through specification by

Our Solutions

We offer complete solutions including on-site CHP installation and pre-packaged plant rooms. We maintain our own dedicated manufacturing facilities which allows us to build your plant room system off-site – reducing installation times and reducing the need for hot works at your school.

Why Choose CHP for Education?

Schools, colleges and universities tend to have high energy demands – particularly those with on-site leisure facilities. This makes CHP well suited to provide energy and heat requirements.
Typical cost savings are over 20% of annual expenditure on an installed CHP system compared to conventional generation. This makes the system payback 5 years or less.
CHP is BREEAM compliant and helps new buildings and old meet BREEAM targets.

CHP decreases carbon emissions – typically by at least 20%.

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