Self Powered hybrid Heat Pumps from Helec…..coming soon to a plant room near you but here is a little preview…….



Helec has over 18 years experience engaging with all aspects of the Heat Pump transition into the mainstream UK HVAC LZC market with the following available solutions to choose from;

The Strebel S-ASX family of reversible, commercially sized Air Source Heat Pumps offers a wide range of outputs and performances with maximum stable outlet temperatures up to 68°C – 78°C as well as a choice of three refrigerants (R410A, R454B and R290).

The models comprises of the following;
High temperature Vapour Injection model S-ASX-VP (60-100kW)
The Liquid Injection variant S-ASX-LQ (55-95kW)
The R290 natural refrigerant machine S-ASX-NT (60-90kW)
The standard temperature, R454B refrigerant machine S-ASX-LP (50-90kW)
All models feature twin scroll compressors and a built-in modulating pump, low noise insulation and soft start compressor as standard, all will offer excellent SCOP performance at all outlet temperatures.

Where an inverter compressor is preferred our S-ASX-NT25, S-ASX-NT45, S-ASX-VPi55 and S-ASX-NTi ranges are also available. The S-ASX-NTi range, utilising R290 refrigerant, extends the standard output of the S-ASX-NT range with a maximum outlet temperature of 55°C.

Retrofit Projects

Offering stable outlet temperature up to 68°C the S-ASX-VP range (60-100kW) delivers LTHW and DHW using a liquid and vapour injection refrigerant circuit that offers high output, high temperature and high SCOP making it a perfect model for retrofit applications.

The S-ASX-VP i55 (55kW) is also available, with an outlet temperature of 65°C, with an inverter driven compressor enabling outputs to be reached as low as 20kW for periods of lower heat demand. The S-ASX-LQ (55-90kW) model features a liquid injection circuit and allows stable heat delivery as the VP model albeit with a comparative greater drop-off in power output at lower ambient air temperatures.

The S-ASX-NT (25-90kW) is also available offering the benefit of a low GWP and high outlet temperature of either 72°C on the 60-90kW machines or 75°C on the 25kw and 45kW machine.

New Build Projects

When lower system temperatures are being designed, such as for New Build projects, the S-ASX-LP range (50-90kW) offers stable outlet temperature up to 60°C using a R454B refrigerant circuit that delivers high SCOP as well as a low GWP of 467.

Additionally the S-ASX-NTi (110-190kW) range offers higher output machines up to 55oC with the benefit of an inverter run compressor and the ultra-low R290 refrigerant.

Strebel ASHP

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