When you shop to buy groceries, you try your best to get everything from one favourite store. At Helec, we believe the same convenient principles should be adhered to when designing a CHP energy centre. Some competitors will design your plant room then call in other specialists to install your unit – not with us! Helec will provide you with the full plant room package. From the first design specifications through to installation and maintenance, we do it all.

What Does Helec’s CHP Plant Room Design Process Involve?

The initial step of our plant room design service will involve a technical drawing of how we want your plant room to look, while making sure it is cost-effective and in its most effective and efficient layout possible.

How do we do this? We conduct a feasibility study to ensure the most suitable CHP plant is produced for your needs and premises. These drawing will be provided to you in Computer Aided Design (CAD) files. Please note, this sort of service is also available for domestic purposes. Let us take over and watch the magic take place.

What Are The Other Perks Of A Helec Plant Room Design?

Our convenience factor does not end with a full service where all the steps interlink through one trusted company either. We can also arrange to manufacturer your product offsite for minimal business or residing disruptions.
Offsite construction on the Helec site enables a prompt to budget build timeline to be maintained with minimal 3rd party disruptions.
This will further enable us to endorse our social responsibility to reduce waste packaging wherever possible. All of the work carried out and completed by Helec is completely backed up with Professional Indemnity Insurance for extra peace of mind.

Heard Enough?

If you want to get any other niggling questions answered then contact one of our experts to assist you today. We are easily reachable and we look forward to your enquiry!