Care Homes & Assisted Living schemes
Energy efficient solutions for all types of care homes and assisted living schemes. Methods and designs that work for you.
Energy Centers for Residential Apartment Schemes
Residential heat and power solutions for all types of residential buildings. Specialist in HVAC schemes throughout the UK.
CHP Hotel
Hotel Leisure & Hospitality CHP
Find out about a new way of providing energy to your hotel with Helec, the experts offering CHP to the hospitality sector. Cost-efficient and reliable, CHP cuts carbon emissions as well as reducing your energy costs. With benefits to everyone, learn more today about how to make the switch.
Commercial Buildings working with CHP
Explore a new way of cutting energy costs with CHP, providing by leading supplier Helec. Cut your energy expenditure while improving efficiency with a solution that’s eco-friendly. The higher your energy usage the more you could save, so get in touch with Helec today.
Schools, Colleges & Student Accommodation blocks
Explore a new type of combined energy with Helec, experts in CHP for educations. With over 17 years of experience, Helec can help to design, install and maintain a CHP for your school or college, cutting carbon emissions and saving money.
Hospital CHP
Discover the cost saving potential of CHP for hospitals, delivering a reliable performance while saving money. With low carbon emissions and energy security, CHP is the modern way to approach heating and electricity.

The sectors above provide examples of some of the industries in which HELEC has provided Cogeneration & HVAC solutions to help cut energy costs and usage through renewable and sustainable LZC technologies.

HELEC have been industry experts in Cogeneration solutions for the past 11 years delivering energy efficient LZC technologies to a wide variety of large residential and Commercial businesses and sectors. As you can see & read, our solutions have been utilized in many forms within hospitals, healthcare and agriculture. Through hospitality, student accommodation & industrial manufacturing/processing plants. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process of assessing your business needs and determine the best solution for your particular sector.

Our CHP technology has been utilized in many hotels to provide a budget friendly solution that decreases usage costs and expenditure in an industry that is synonymous with high energy demands. CHP has proved to be incredibly effective in reducing this costly demand significantly. Schools, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities as well as large residential properties have all benefitted from our sustainable CHP systems which allow for greater long-term savings and decreased energy demands.

Our CHP technologies are guaranteed to reduce your energy usage and cut your costs with the latest in sustainable solutions. Feel free to browse the sectors below to see how HELEC’s Cogeneration solutions can suit your business or residential needs. If you do not see your sector listed, please contact us so that we can determine the best solution for your specific needs and industry, as there is usually a technology to suit any sector. Our team will handle all of the design and installation to ensure a stress-free experience that reduces your energy consuming footprint.

With over 17 years of experience in the HVAC industry, our CHP solutions are designed to exceed the latest standards for sustainable energy efficient technology, in order to allow your home or business to require less energy demands and save you money in both the long and short term. Our solutions are always expanding, and we strive to always keep you up to date with any new advancements that could benefit your business down the line in providing further savings and energy efficiency strategies and planning.