At Helec we can offer full CHP power plant design services from initial specification to installation and maintenance. We are able to offer off-site manufacturing of CHP power plants to minimise the need for hot works on site and to improve lead times dramatically.

The design and installation for a commercial plant room has commonly been carried out by several M&E companies with separate installation teams, however at Helec we can look after all of this within a single turnkey package for your piece of mind to ensure all the services required for the project are fully supported and produce the most energy efficient system available. This is fully backed up with Computer Aided Design (CAD) schematic drawings complete with full Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance.

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CHP Plant Design Process

Helec design and install across a wide range of market leading mainstream products using industry leading high efficiency gas boilers with direct fired water heaters, all being sized and suited to compliment and back up the energy saving highly efficient low carbon technologies such as Combined Heat & Power units, Biomass CHP units, as well as other leading renewable energy systems such as Solar Thermal, Air Source and Ground Source heat Pumps.

Our design process includes full technical drawings including all supporting systems. We will conduct a full feasibility study to determine the ideal CHP plant for your premises and deliver technical drawings and CAD files to you. Our service ensures that you receive a plant room exactly suited to the building(s) needed with the most efficiency and cost effective plant available.

Helec can also do this for you if you are considering a domestic renewable project.

CHP System Design