One of Helec’s most requested services is our comprehensive CHP installation service. This includes constant communication regarding progress with the project and with all of your unit’s supporting equipment.
A Combined Heat & Power unit is a fantastic way to provide cost-effective thermal energy to produce hot water whilst generating on-site electricity in as green a way possible using gas. Co-generation in this way cuts your CO2 emissions and your energy bills with these exceptional units!

Take a look at the map opposite —> to show you where some of our CHP units are located and working hard saving our clients money !!

What Does Our CHP Installation Involve?

When you choose a Helec CHP installation, you choose unbeatable support which starts from your first enquiry, to selecting the right sized CHP unit, peace of mind with our extensive pre-installation guidance, right up to the installation itself.
We always liaise with our clients to make sure we are providing the solution in sync with their vision and delivered to their needs and requirements. Our partner engineers will finish the job by monitoring & enhancing your CHP unit into its surroundings to optimise its operation.

Why not go the whole 9-Yards?

If you want an even more personal and complete service for added convenience and financial peace of mind, then consider our full turnkey plant room design package.
This service from Helec goes beyond our normal installation package and also includes feasibility research, a detailed schematic CAD design of your plant room, followed up with offsite manufacturing of the complete plant room to ensure the benefits of time saving, cost saving fully insured mechanical solutions. See our NEWS articles for recent completed projects.

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If you would like to know more about our CHP installation or discuss a plant room design with everything taken care of, please get in touch and speak to us today!