HELEC has 17 years of experience and expertise in providing energy efficient solutions and CHP to a large number of assisted living schemes and care homes. Our professional team of experts assess the building to devise a method and design that works best for your layout and industry to cut your energy costs and drive usage down.

Through a combination of heat and power solutions, we are able to provide a full package to suit your needs and budget, while saving you exponentially in the long-term. Since care homes are often operating 24 hours a day and demand high energy consumption, our CHP systems are ideal for this particular industry. Not only do these systems benefit your organization and profitability, but we aim to dramatically reduce your company’s impact on the environment by switching to a duel system of energy as opposed to a single energy source provider.

Our team will begin by providing an assessment of your building to determine your current energy usage and efficiency and discuss the correct type of system for the size and layout of your building. The team will then break down the process of installation as well as suggest options for future maintenance.

Our systems can flow strategically from any of your previous heating and electrical systems so that you don’t have to worry about having major changes to existing structures in the building. Our team works diligently to install your systems quickly and discreetly so as not to disturb your daily operations and residents. We can also create an off-site installation area should you prefer that option.

Once our CHP systems have been installed we continue to maintain your systems for efficiency, and we can be contacted for maintenance should you have anything that needs to be looked at. We will have someone from our team on-site at your location within a 24-hour period.

There are many advantages to using our CHP systems in your care home or assisted living scheme, and these systems are expected to generate a savings of up to 40%. Feel free to view our case study featuring the Moat House Care Home to see how we can effectively reduce your environmental impact and provide the highest savings possible.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our expert professionals in discussing how our sustainable CHP solutions can enhance your business and save you money.