Residential CHP schemes (also called district heating schemes) enable multiple occupancy/multiple dwelling developments to share electricity and heating supply in a cost-efficient way – that also helps new developments meet BREEAM compliance.

Residential cogeneration technology allows buildings to reduce their energy costs by as much as 40% and to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 20%.

Working with Helec

Helec provide a complete service from initial consultation to feasibility studies, system design and deployment. We also provide a scheduled maintenance service as well as ad hoc maintenance if required. Whether your project is in its infancy or ready for specification contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Residential CHP Applications

Residential CHP schemes can be used in a variety of applications:

District Heating

District heating on multiple dwelling developments reduce the carbon and energy consumption of the individual houses. Heat and electricity is used to fuel the individual dwellings.

Commercial District Heating

In many district heating schemes, excess heat is used to fuel industry – from manufacturing plants to agriculture. Here the cogeneration plant pipes excess heat to manufacturing plants for direct use.

Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Single residential cogeneration units can be used to provide all the power and heat for a block of flats or large multiple occupancy dwelling. The efficiency of the system and how many rooms can be heated depends on the age and energy saving measures already included in the building.

Large Residency

For large residences with multiple rooms and facilities such as swimming pools and spas residential CHP can be a cost-effective way to reduce energy bills by up to 40%.

N.B. Residential CHP should not be confused with micro-chp. Micro-chp is technology that is designed for single homes. Micro CHP technologies are not cost efficient as systems produce more heat than is needed for a single dwelling – meaning a poor return on investment is generated from these systems.

Residential CHP Solutions

Our CHP solutions include on-site work and pre-packaged plant rooms. Our manufacturing facilities mean that we can create the entire system ready for direct installation into your plant room – this reduces the amount of work needed on-site. We can supply and install all pipework, boilers, generators and ancillary components.
In modern residential cogeneration units we are also able to supply air source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps increase the efficiency and savings created from your generator by converting air into hot water and heating.

Residential CHP Fuels

The most common, and efficient, fuel is natural gas cogeneration in residential developments. This is the cleanest of fossil fuels and has the most developed technologies. In rural setting biogas and biomass may be viable alternatives providing raw materials are available on-site.

To discuss your residential CHP project please contact us today. Whether you are investigating the feasibility of CHP for your development or looking for a specification or installation our dedicated team are happy to help.