Strebel Air Source Heat Pumps

All the heat pump units are capable of generating up to 65°C flow temperature.
Note: This may depend on the sized model, the unit(s) achieve a COP between 4.70 and 4.72 at 7°C ambient air temperature and a 35°C flow temp.
The control system allows the units to be operated in cascade formation, enabling up to 16 units to be linked.
The units are of monobloc design suitable for outdoor installation only.
Heat energy from the ambient air is obtained from the specified refrigerant circulating inside a bank of copper and aluminium fins and then this energy is passed, after the compression cycle, to the heating circuit through a stainless steel brazed heat exchanger. The circuit is controlled by the standard supplied temperature probes and pressure transducers and is protected by high and low pressure switches. The plate heat exchanger and all hydraulic pipework is thermally insulated to avoid condensation and reduce heat loss.
All models are fitted as standard with a modulating pump allowing close matching of heat demand to heat delivery and come, as standard, with multiple cascade capability and ModBus connectivity.
Electrical load soft start is also standard ensuring electrical load on start-up is minimal. Additionally, the units are designed as standard with the lowest acoustic performance with integral dampers.

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