PB 200 SNG


Electrical Output 196 kWe Thermal Output 241 kWth


Electrical Eff 38.6% Thermal Eff 67% Total Eff 86%

Gas Consumption (kW)


Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

4000 x 1300 x 2450

NOx emissions ,Mg/m3


Optional Catalyst

Y (<90) SCR

Sound rating dB @1 Meter



Circa £147,000

The Powerbox P2006SNG Combined Heat & Power unit generates 196 kW(e) for use on site with 242kW(th) thermal energy being available for space heating and domestic hot water pre-heat & production.

The PB196SNG is a thermally modulating CHP unit that will adjust its power output automatically dependent on the buildings thermal load demand (<100kW(e) +/- 5%)

The PB196SNG is designed and manufactured by Helec with build partners in UK and Denmark factories enabling this unit to be customised specifically to the clients’ needs and expectations when plant room floor space may be at a premium, extra low NOx emissions require SCR CATs and low sound power levels require additional sound absorption to run as quiet as possible. (Always ask for confirmation of specification required at time of enquiry)

Fuel type is Natural Gas with LPG available if required.

Typical applications where Powerbox CHP units are well suited are in large hotel plant rooms supplying site heating & hot water, residential district housing schemes, large leisure complexes and hospital energy centres.