Helec have extensive experience providing large scale hospital CHP systems designed to reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impacts and increase energy security.

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Our Services

At Helec we offer a holistic service from feasibility studies and specification to installation and maintenance. Our service encompasses

Feasibility Studies

If you require a feasibility study we can conduct one to analyse your premises use of heat and power, the size of system you would require and the cost benefits of the system.

System Design

We can design your entire system including all supporting pipework, boilers and electrical works.


Our installation teams can install your system into your plant room in effective time frames and with a minimum of disruption to your healthcare provision.

Servicing and Maintenance

We provide scheduled and ad hoc maintenance services for all systems to ensure the maximum uptime and longevity of the system.

Our Solutions

We provide bespoke combined heating and power solutions depending on the size of premises, size of plant room and the energy and heating requirements of your hospital or clinic. Our individual solutions include;

Pre-Packaged Plant Rooms

With our dedicated manufacturing premises we can build your pre-packaged plant room off-site for transportation and installation. This reduces the need for hot works at the hospital and minimised the disruption to the building during installation. We can design pre-packaged plant rooms of all outputs with all pipework, gas sets, duct work, pumps, back up boilers, flues and electrical installation works included.

On-Site CHP Installations

If you need a CHP system installed on site we can complete all on-site work. We can provide full heating systems for your site and ancillary buildings.

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Advantages of CHP for Hospitals

Hospital heating systems and electrical requirements are high and continuous. With a constant demand for heating CHP systems help hospitals reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%.

A CHP system can provide a complete heating system for the hospital as excess energy creates the heating.

Hospitals have a continuous demand for heating so there is no waste of heat not being used – which is a drawback of these systems in other large premises.

CHP is BREEAM compliant and has a positive environmental impact due to the energy savings versus conventional heating and electric systems.

Which type of CHP is Best for Hospitals?

Typically, systems should run on natural gas or LPG. This is the most cost-effective fuelling solution for large buildings and gas fired combined heating and power technologies are the most advanced and reliable systems currently available on the market.