Electrical Output 7.5 kWe Thermal Output 20.2 kWth


Electrical Eff 24.8% Thermal Eff 66.9% Total Eff 91.7%

Gas Consumption (kW)


Dimensions L x W x H (mm)n

1040 x 700 x 800

NOx emissions ,Mg/m3


Optional Catalyst


Sound rating dB @1 Meter



Circa £29,950

BIM File

The Energimizer 7.5NG Combined Heat & Power unit generates 7.5kW(e) alongside the production of 20.2kW(th) energy taken from the internal heat exchangers enabling excellent operating efficiencies and low NOx emissions within this compact sized cogenerating CHP canopy.

Fuelled by Natural Gas with LPG models being available.

Multiple units can be cascaded together in a “master & slave” format for larger output demands, or simply select a larger model from the EM range if plant room space is a restriction.

All Energimizer CHP units modulate to ensure optimum working efficiency by monitoring returning water temperature and adjust powered outputs subject to system demand, or pre-determined set points .

Energimizer is an ErP A++ rated CHP unit manufactured in Germany by KW Energie and distributed and commissioned in the UK by Helec Limited.

Helec are a UK compnay that has been supplying and servicing HVAC CHP solutions for more than 11 years and pride themselves with a comprehensive service and maintenance support package.

Typical applications where Energimizer CHP units are well suited are hotels, health Spas, schools and assited living care homes.(see case studies)