The ENO-20LT module is an ORC manufactured by ENOGIA, able to recover until 320 kWth and having a nominal power production of 20kWe even after low grade heat source at 70°C.

Designed with the same state of mind than the ORC manufactured by ENOGIA, ENO-20LT is a turnkey solution involving few hydraulic and electrical modifications to be integrated with this system thanks to its kinetic turbine.

This ORC can be integrated on a wide range of applications such as biomass boilers, gas engines, geothermal sources, process heat or concentrating solar panels. Any heat flow with temperatures between 70°C and 120°C can be recovered with this system thanks to its two kinetic turbines. In addition, it is possible to connect the cold loop of the ORC to a drying system, a floor heating system or greenhouses and reach global efficiency close to 95%!