The solar panels of today are much more advanced than they were even ten years ago.

Modern, cutting-edge solar PV can produce electricity from any amount of daylight, regardless of whether it’s a sunny day or there is significant cloud cover. Solar PV panels produce free, eco-friendly energy that can make a big difference to the bottom line of your business.

Most solar PV panels mount onto roofs, but it also possible to situate them on the ground if the area is right. They are a flexible, green solution to your power needs and below we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of solar PV.

How Does it Work?

Despite being a forward-thinking technology of the future, the way Solar PV works is quite simple. It’s a simple process of capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into a useable electricity source. It’s possible to break the whole process down into five simple steps:

  • Roof-mounted solar PV panels convert solar energy into DC voltage
  • The built-in inverter turns DC voltage into AC voltage
  • The generation meter records production levels of AC voltage
  • The electricity generated by the solar PV panels gets used up by household appliances
  • Any unused energy feeds back into the National Grid

How Can Solar PV Benefit Your Business?

The benefits of free, on-site electricity production should be evident to any business, but there are many areas to consider when thinking about solar PV for your business.

The installation of a solar PV system is a capital expense for your business, yes, but this is more than offset by reduced overheads resulting from no longer having to pay an electricity supplier for your energy needs. It’s also very possible to keep this expense to a minimum via government solar power grants and by taking advantage of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

Another benefit of solar PV lies in the fact that solar energy systems require virtually no maintenance. And your system should last you 25 – 40 years, so that’s decades of power you don’t have to pay for, and you don’t have to pay to maintain. Combine this with the benefits you gain from feeding excess energy into the national grid, and it’s plain to see why solar PV is the smart option for any business looking for a healthy return on their investment.

If you want to learn more about solar PV, contact Helec today. We offer a friendly, professional service that can help your business generate your own power and free you from reliance on energy providers.