A specified PowerBox PB70SNG Combined Heat & Power unit supplied and commissioned by Helec Limited to the client, Ardmore Construction, is sat ready and waiting in the main basement plant room ready to be switched on to start supplying this 21 storey Apart Hotel in Commercial Road, Aldgate East with co-generated thermal heat and electrical power to its 178 serviced apartments.
The PB70SNG CHP unit was built in South Wales by Mayphil, a long term partnering supplier to Helec who have over 30 years experience delivering our PowerBox CHP units and other gas-fuelled generating engines.

Key factors that enable this CHP to be specified are;
Max Electrical Output (100%) – 70kWe
Max Thermal Output(100%) – 109kWth
Exhaust NOx emissions <40mg/m3
Sound Power Level <65dB(A)@1M

Build time 12 weeks

If you would like to know more about this project then call the office on 01934 862264 or email info@helec.co.uk