The Holiday Park Innovation 2019 exhibition is in it’s 3rd year showcasing services and support packages on offer within the UK holiday and hospitality sector.

The Helec team were on hand to show visiting UK businesses how they could look to reduce running costs to their heating and electrical power usage on their sites with cogeneration through Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solutions.

CHP systems use a single fuel source (usaually gas) to operate an internal combustion engine which is connected to an rotating alternator (generator).
From a single fuel source thermal heat is produced through the engine cooling jacket which is transferred through a plate heat exchanger away onto the heating circuit to supply space heating and domestic hot water (like a boiler) therefore producing thermal energy and also electrical power, all for onsite consumption.

Helec exhibited CHP units from key suppliers Energimizer, Smartblock & Gentec. All of these CHP units deliver thermal heat and electrical power for onsite usage using either Natural Gas or LPG from Calor as the primary fuel source.
The opportunities are endless with onsite CHP ranges starting from 16kWe through multiple sized options up and beyond 500kWe (0.5 Mega Watt) saving thousands of pounds and tonnes of CO2.

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