Helec delivers CHP plant room at Southampton Care Home.

Helec has supplied and commissioned an Energimizer EM16NG Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit at Barchester Healthcare’s Snowdrop Place care home in Botley, Southampton.

The company worked with the main M&E contractors’ consultant, Mark Comerford, to optimise the hydraulic layout.

Work started in May 2020, when the CHP unit was delivered to site, but the Coronavirus pandemic delayed the build, so it was eventually commissioned in December 2020.

Helec supplied and commissioned the CHP in the plant room on behalf of a contractor.

And, as it is an upper-floor plant room, the CHP had to be extra quiet.

The acoustic insulation provides a sound pressure level (SPL) at 46 dB(A), measured at 1m distance, which is quieter than an American-style double-door fridge.

Snowdrop Place expects to save around 104,000kWh of electricity a year, which could reduce the care home’s electricity bill by as much as £15,600 per year. Run by Barchester Healthcare,

Snowdrop Place is designed specifically to support people living with dementia and those who require residential care.