The first of 3 EnSmart pre-packaged plant rooms designed, built and delivered by Helec is successfully pressure tested prior to going “live” to deliver thermal heat and electrical power for the prestigious 23 floor residential apartment blocks’ services at Williamson Heights in Wembley, London.
The EnSmart 200 is a Helec designed HVAC solution designed and constructed off site by our project engineers in order to help our client overcome the restricted access and limited programme build timescales in and around this busy developing area of North London.
This project was built and delivered within 12 weeks from order placed.

Key Factors:
An Energimizer EM50HNG Combined Heat & Power unit will work as the ‘lead boiler’ to supply and charge 2 x 7,500 litre thermal stores 24/7 which deliver space heating & domestic hot water to each apartment through Evinox ModuSat Heat Interface Units.
The building management system (BMS) is constantly pulse monitoring the buidings demand in order to control and ensure the upmost maximum efficiencies with excellent performances are being delivered via a network of temperature and flow sensors connected up to a Niagara 4 framework control panel.
Back up thermal heat from 2 x Remeha Gas 610/8 Eco Pro boilers will ensure peak demand periods are met whenever required.

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