As part of a collaboration with South Wales premier contractor, F P Hurley of Bridgend, Helec Ltd are proud to announce the completed supply & commissioning of a Combined Heat & Power unit in the plant room of a new student accommodation development in Caradog House, Cardiff.

After a large institutional investment project launched to meet the demands for student accommodation in the towns and cities around leading universities and colleges, Caradog House was chosen for a part new build, part conversion project. In line with a previously renovated Reading site, the aim was to produce a very high standard of student accommodation which served the needs of all those seeking to move into the local area.

CHP machine at Caradog House in Cardiff

In Cardiff, the 1970’s Caradog House originally stood as a commercial office building, approximately 100m from the main university campus. Since then, it has been converted into a 375-bed building with social spaces for communal gatherings right in the heart of Welsh capital. Residential options include both single and double occupancy studios alongside a courtyard, commons room, meeting rooms, cinema and a gym.

Helec Ltd were brought in to commission a solution to the building’s new heating and power requirements. Accommodating for a vast number of residents, the need was to ensure consistent power throughout the year while keeping costs to a minimum per residence. Taking into account all individual requirements, an Energimizer EM22NG Combined Heat & Power unit was developed and positioned within the building.

This compact sized and quiet running low NOx emitting 22kW(e) CHP unit will provide onsite electricity to suit the residential requirements. Alongside this, the CHP will act as “lead boiler” to provide a constant 47kW(th) via a sized thermal store. This will be used to effectively deliver hot water services to all 375 studios while ensuring individual rent costs are kept at a minimum.

Helec Ltd look forward to the foreseeable completion of Caradog House and the benefits it will provide to the local area. As leaders in our industry, we are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of heating systems. Our CHP units have been installed in both commercial and non-commercial sectors to reduce heating and electricity bills while improving efficiency. We have a skilled team on hand to manage all aspects of the project, from the initial consultation right through to full maintenance and servicing programs.

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