Finding the plant room solution for your business is not always a simple task. Every business has unique needs and a unique space to work with. The ideal plant room design is one that is specifically designed for you, tailored to your energy and space requirements.

Happily, Helec can provide your business with just this. We offer a pre-packaged plant room setup that is designed and built at our facility to provide a bespoke solution for your business. Read on and see how your business could have its own, personally tailored plant room.

A Full-Service Solution

When we get to work on the plan for your plant room, Helec takes all the necessary measurements of your space. This is so we can construct pre-made skeletal frameworks that simply slide into place in your designated plant room. This means less need for construction and hot works on-site, and a pre-fabricated, bespoke framework that simply slides into place.

If your business doesn’t already have a designated plant room on-site, Helec can help here too. We can produce external, sound-cladded panels and tailor-made modules to provide you with a plant room space for your building – all made to your specifications and needs. We can produce your plant room enclosure in any size from a single section enclosure to a modular, multi-space plant room up to 40 metres long and twenty metres wide.

Everything Your Business Needs

As well as providing pre-made plant room solutions and tailored fittings for your business, Helec also provides everything else you need for a robust plant room that meets your needs.

We will install twin-walled stainless-steel flues, sized and made to fit exactly into your plant room. The flues export gases away from your plant room efficiently and safely, funnelling them to a safe external area. Alongside this, Helec will also take care of all duct work, with natural and mechanically pumped systems feeding into and out of your plant room for combustion air supply and cooling.

We also provide backup boilers in your pre-packaged plant room. Installed on a skid frame, the best quality boilers operate on a tiered system, enabling the most efficient thermal load support to your building whilst also providing the most efficiency.

Helec also takes care of all electrical installation work, connecting and overseeing the wiring your plant room requires to establish power. Alongside this, we’ll also take care of wiring for operating alarms and thermal sensors.

Rounding off your full, pre-packed plant room, we will then set up and connect all pipework for gas and hydraulic distribution, as well as installing single and twin head pump sets.

Helec pre-packed plant rooms give your business everything it needs, all designed and installed according to your specifications. If you need an all-in-one plant room solution, contact us today.