Qnergy Q-CHP

The Qnergy Q-CHP is an advanced gas fired combined heat and power unit that isQnergy_logo1 compact and efficient. At its heart the unit has a Maintenance Free Qnergy Stirling Engine which enables the unit to operate with only a simple annual boiler type service.

Essential Information

The unit is fully modulating and produces from 1 – 7 kWe depending on the thermal return temperatures.

Heat output 10 – 34 kW
Thermally the unit operates more efficiently with a lower return temperature (less than 50 DegC) but the unit will operate with return temperatures up to 65 Deg C

Natural Gas: 41.5 kW
The Q-CHP unit will operate with Natural Gas, LPG or Bio Gas as its fuel source

Max Flow: 80 DegC
Max Return: 65 DegC

Less than 40 Mg/M3 NOx
Less than 30 Mg/M3 CO2

Since the unit uses a sealed stirling engine the only combustion occurs in the burner assembly which mirrors a typical condensing boiler type and is just as efficient

Since the engine is sealed for life the only servicing you will need is a simple annual boiler service costing no more than £300

The Key Differance

Those of us who have used or specified chp units in the past know that whilst operating a chp certainly delivers the savings we all want, they can be expensive or complicated to service and maintain.
With the Qnergy Q-CHP you can have the savings you need with servicing costs that are equivalent to that of a normal gas condensing boiler. This ensures that your installation will continue to operate for the full term of its projected life span.