Improvements in technology and ever increasing demands on energy systems to be low carbon means we are all trying to incorporate better and leaner energy systems in to our modern buildings. IN recent years we have seen more heat pumps, solar systems and pv arrays contributing to our lower carbon world, but it is not always so easy to get these vastly differing technologies to work well together. Understanding the specific complexities and abilities of each technology is at the key to ensuring the most efficient use of these emerging products.

It is common place in current designs to put gas boilers and air source heat pumps together, but without careful consideration to their operation you are likely to find that one technology will end up taking the lead and depriving the other of a chance to contribute.

16 years of system design experience specifically around these very issues has given Helec the skills and knowledge to not only ensure our designs work efficiently but also allows us to help new clients with their existing system integration problems.

If you have a system that is not performing as expected why not call us to discuss it.

CHP Troubleshooting