Let Helec show you how to get access to reduced energy costs through a fully funded no Capex energy contract agreement.

With the drive for commercial businesses to look to reduce energy costs going forward in order to produce cost effective goods at an affordable price and reduce their carbon footprint it’s not surprising the cash required to achieve this is not always readily available.
When this is the case their are a number of financial options open for consideration in Power Purchase Agreements and financial loans & lend lease arrangements.

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So, what is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A PPA is a contract between an energy buyer and an energy seller.

The two sides form an agreement to buy and sell an amount of energy that will be generated by a renewable asset, such as Solar PV, or a Combined Heat & Power arrangement.

To be more specific, a corporate PPA, as one might assume, is a contract governed by corporate buyers of all, or at least part of the energy produced via an off-site co-generated renewable, or reduced carbon emitting energy provider (CHP). Essentially, the agreement is between a business and an energy generator.

It is worth noting that with corporate PPA, both parties of the agreement are commercial entities, with no involvement of state-owned utilities. This means contracts tend to be relatively flexible and creative.

Generally, corporate PPA contracts are long term, usually covering a period from 5, 10-20 years.

What are Power Purchase Agreements used for? 

PPAs are used to encourage long term carbon reduction goals for scope 1 & 2 emissions and promote a pathway towards a corporate net zero operation.


Save Money

PPAs help fully fund renewable projects and establish a buyers’ commitments, which in turn gives lenders confidence.

Essentially, they enable businesses to implement renewable tech and carbon-reducing, on-site co-generation, to their ongoing energy management strategy and transition to net zero.

All of which can be delivered by Helec, as ALL of our CHP units are “Hydrogen Ready” to engage with reducing carbon emissions through a greener fuel source.

What are the benefits of a PPA? 

The main benefit of a PPA is the potential to significantly reduce a company’s energy spend through a fully funded Capex free package.

The energy provider of the PPA will always look to sell energy cheaper than market value and, in the long term, PPA contracts will protect organisations from future energy price hikes and market fluctuations along with fragile grid connectivity.

Reducing a businesses’ energy spend is an effective way to maximize profits and free up the budget for further investments or growth.

Additionally, aside from finance, PPAs prove an organisation is committed to the UK Government goals for NET Zero.

Any application taken by a company to implement some form of decarbonisation, either directly, or via an offsetting approach will be a positive step for the business and the world !

Helec collaborate with a number of reputable “Green Bonded” energy companies in order to offer funded power solutions.
One of our trusted partners is Orezten. They are able to provide tailor made fully funded / PPA packages to deliver low cost on-site generated energy savings in electrical power and thermal energy through a variety of offers to suit your situation.
To assist them, we take historical kWh energy bills from the clients current gas and electric suppliers (along with the tariffs charged) and map out the power trends across the day, week, month and year for the site. That way we can evaluate which type and size of CHP will be best suited to the site in question and calculate how much it will save by generating power on-site and not buying it from the national grid energy suppliers.
The average saving per kWe generated by a site CHP unit through a fully funded PPA offer is generally well below the best market offer you can get.

See this example CHP contribution report:
A commercial business uses 3,626,035 kWh of grid supplied electricity per year & has a fairly good net electricity tariff @ £0.20 p/kWh.
If you funded it yourself at £556,450.00 it would look to save you £333,140.69 per year (net after gas & service charges are deducted) to generate your own site power.

But do you have the budget to fund this opportunity?

If not, don’t worry.Orezten will look to fully fund the Capex with no upfront costs, or ongoing service charges, in order to provide you with a lower energy tariff charge.

CHP Power Contribution Report for a PPA


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