Our systems are built with energy efficiency at their core, helping customers save money – and also safeguarding the environment from excess damage through unwanted, unhealthy NOx emissions. This is how our systems can help you reduce your carbon footprint…

Reducing energy deficit

Our systems help you get the most from your energy usage, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach in both domestic and commercial spaces. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Installing a thermal store or a solar thermal system in conjunction with a gas Combined Heat & Power solution will maximise the opportunity to use available daytime solar gain designed to draw thermal energy from your solar panels and reduce dependence on other less energy-efficient alternatives. The CHP will top up the hot water temperature required (if this has not already been achieved) and then go on to provide the desired space heating thermally whilst generating an onsite electricity contribution (subject to size of CHP) for personal use helping to reduce energy bills by not purchasing from an energy supplier.

Expert installation

We don’t just supply our manufactured industry leading product ranges, we also offer valuable installation advice – helping the products chosen work more effectively and therefore helping to protect from environmental damage or unnecessary premature replacements. Our area of expertise is renewables and sustainable low carbon energy production, so you can be assured that we’re always on hand to help.

Performance monitoring

After installation, our expert team will help keep your system running with performance monitoring checks. These checks may be particularly important to customers who have never worked with an energy-efficient system before, and want to make sure it doesn’t let them down. This in turn means a more reliable, energy efficient system which can truly be trusted – and saying goodbye to less eco-friendly methods without losing power.

Additional integration

Whether you just want to know how to get the best out of your existing plant room set-up or you are hungry to learn the best ways of maximising your energy efficiency, the experts at Helec can help. We advise customers on the best solutions to their own problems, understanding every building and project is different. By taking an individual, tailored approach, we can optimise the results of your renewable & reduced carbon technology integration and help identify any issues before they arise.

Exceeding current standards

The Government drive to reduce carbon emissions and clean up our air quality in the UK is our goal at Helec and ALL of our CHP solutions out perform the minimum requirements set out. Our systems are designed to not only meet existing standards, but to exceed them.This high standard helps you achieve a higher level of efficiency than with comparative suppliers and installers ou there, whether choosing a renewable and sustainable energy system, a combined heat and power system or any of our other great solutions.

We can help with projects both big and small, offering a full-service range of energy efficient products which will not only help you be more energy efficient, but keep you that way with minimal cost both financially and to the environment. It’s a win, win! Just get in touch to find out more.