Having your plant room built off the premises then simply installed when you’re ready to receive it, makes life an awful lot easier for most businesses or organisations today, we’ve found here at Helec.

That’s because while your plant room is being built by us, you can simply get on with business as usual – without any disruptions. Our product plant rooms are supplied in a range of sizes and combinations, from single units up to multi-modular systems measuring 40 metres x 20 metres.

What is a pre-packaged plant room?

A fully functional pre-packaged plant room CHP system which has been designed specifically for your organisation is a completed heating and power system which can be delivered directly to your premises and installeda by our expert team onsite.

A pre-packaged plant room can be installed in an existing plant room at your premises or it can be a completely new entity constructed from scratch and supplied with external acoustic cladded panels.

The fact that the skeletal frameworks for your pre-packaged plant room are constructed at our own facility means half the job has already been done and your system will be up and running before you know it.

Our excellent networking contacts means we can supply all heating and power distributors for your pre-packaged plant room, including: Back up boilers to support your existing operation and twin-walled stainless steel flues.

We will also provide electrical installation work linking to alarms and thermal sensors. Duct work will make sure there’s enough of an air supply for combustion and cooling of equipment in the plant. Thermostatically-controlled pump sets will help with distributing the heating and water requirements for your business while pipework will help distribute hydraulic and gas services.

How can it benefit my business?

A pre-packaged plant room means that your heating and power system has been designed especially for your company or organisation’s bespoke needs and wants. It comes in a complete package so that there’s no waiting around for parts to be delivered and minimal disruption for employees.

Because we supply everything it means that if anything does go wrong we have a good understanding of what has happened and have the expertise to know how to repair it.

Other benefits of using one of our plant rooms is a reduction in ongoing heating and power costs, as well as the knowledge it’s eco-friendly due to the use of renewable energy sources.

Find out more about our pre-packaged plant rooms by calling 01934 862264 or reading our website www.Helec.co.uk today