The Helec build team were busy this week ‘squeezing’ in the first phase of a recently built offsite constructed packaged plant room.
This plant room will look to provide space heating & hot water services to the new apartments being built via 2 x Strebel boilers & 5,000 ltrs of hot water, whilst a 15 kWe Indop CHP unit provides ‘free’ electrical energy to support & reduce the landlord running costs.

Luckily we were ready to dis-assemble the items, strip them down to be as bare as possible in order to fit them in through the restricted entrance, down the staircase and eventually into position in the basement plantroom.
Old school block & tackle chain techniques were called for to carefully manoeuvre the heavy gear down to the basemenet area, one step at a time (even on wooden skids)

Click here to see the time lapse video
CHP delivery through a tight squeeze