A cogeneration system is vital to the functionality of the building where it resides – whether it’s commercial or residential.

But there are times when complications arise, and these issues can have a significant impact on productivity and comfort for those present in the building. There are few common areas where most problems occur in plant rooms, and a little proactivity on your part can head many of them off before they develop into a full-blown problem.

Clogged Filters

Worn, dirty filters make equipment in your cogeneration plant room work harder than it usually would. This can soon lead to increased energy consumption and the knock-on effects that can reduce the lifespan of your system.

By implementing a strict monitoring schedule, you can avoid these issues and ensure a small-scale problem doesn’t become a major headache. You should think about replacing your filters three or four times a year to ensure your cogeneration system is always performing at its best.

This will also ensure that the air of the building remains free of pollutants and allergens.

Thermostat Problems

If a building is experiencing big fluctuations in temperature – which can impact the comfort of workers or resident on-site – the problem might not lie with your cogeneration plant room.

The thermostat of your system tells the cogeneration system when to release cold and hot air, and also dictates their levels. If your thermostat is not functioning correctly, you might well find that the thermostat requires some attention. It’s worth performing regular checks – testing at hot and cold temperatures to see how the thermostat performs – and, if you do experience random waves of hot and cold, make the thermostat your first port of call.

Air Balance

A cogeneration plant provides a building with hot and cool air, all of which travels through different ducts toward different areas of the building.

The key to controlling the flow and levels of hot or cold air is the system’s dampers. If you find that certain areas of the building warm up or cool more quickly than others, it could be that the dampers of your system are out of balance.

It’s worth finding them and conducting a survey to see if everything is balanced as it should be and if it isn’t you know where the root of the issue lies.

If you’re interested in a cogeneration system for your residential or commercial property, contact Helec today for a comprehensive, informed chat about your options.