2019 saw Helec supply and commission 2 x EM33NG Combined Heat & Power Units into Polden Corner, a newly built accommodation block housing 200 students within the campus of the University of Bath.

Here we see a perfect example where 2 x 33kWe EM33NG CHP units are configured to operate as Primary & Secondary heat & power units in order to deliver consistent thermal energy via the charged thermal stores on to the buildings LTHW & CH plate heat exchangers.
The Primary EM33NG Energimizer (Smartblock is its German factory name) uses its BR18 wall mounted Control Panel to monitor both CHPs flow & return temperatures in order to control and rotate each CHP units operating hours, as and when required. It will also be able to modulate down the CHP ouput in order to run a single CHP unit during low load demand periods.
This in turn maintains close operating hours between both CHP units so as to not stress one units operation over another.