November sees the Helec team set up and commission a new 450 kWe Biogas fuelled CHP unit.
Our Helec engineer Ian and the Gentec commissioning team were lucky to have a break in the weather this week in order to set to work and get this new replacement Biogas fuelled CHP unit up and running.
The site, Rainbarrow Farm, is situated on the outskirts of Dorchester, and is home to one of the UKs first Anaerobic Digestion plants that produces Biomethane “green” gas which is pumped directly back into the national grid network.
The original CHP unit installed, had run happily for years (since 2012) generating 85 – 90% parasitic site power using the sites Biogas with a daily power production of 9.6mW/day. So in 2023 it time to replace this old lady with a new MAN Rollo Biogas engine

The site produces circa 580 – 600 m3/hour of “green” gas for injection into the gas distribution network to support annual requirements of 4,800 new build homes

450 kWe Biogas CHP onsite in Dorchester