At Helec we provide full CHP installation services including all supporting equipment.

Commercial plant room installation projects can be daunting experiences especially if a new or unknown product is to be fitted by an installing contractor that is yet to experience a Helec CHP installation.

That is where Helec come on board to provide full assistance and support through the whole CHP journey from the initial enquiry, the CHP size selection with design validation, the pre-installation guidance with designed M&E schematics and the advice for supporting products, such as the gas boilers and the required pump sets to circulate the thermal energy. Helec project manage alongside the client or main contractor in order to provide peace of mind and to ensure our fully indemnified design is built and assembled to specification. Helec commissioning engineers will then further enhance the service and warranty of the CHP by setting up the unit to work in conjunction with the plant room’s expectations providing essential thermal and electrical energy to site.

Helec can further assist our clients by offering to take full control of the plant room requirements by supplying a fully pre-packaged plant room solution. This can be fabricated off site in modules or ‘skids’, delivered to site and assembled ready for commissioning in a reduced time frame compared to building it from scratch on site with multiple products and brands. All this work is fully insured with a professional indemnity cover insured by Helec.
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