Stirling engine CHP systems, a member of the micro Combined Heat and Power family (mCHP) systems) achieves high operating efficiencies by utilizing a state-of-the-art Stirling generator, a highly efficient combustion process, and the industry’s leading water heating transfer technology.

Please note: As of 2020 the Qnergy mCHP has been removed temporarily from UK distribution by Helec Limited while further R&D takes place to enhance the range with a view to accommodating Qnergy mCHP units within a wider residential application.
Still feel free to contact us to discuss your CHP enquiry or project as other options may still be suitable. 

Helec’s Qnergy Micro Stirling engine CHP system uses natural gas or LPG to produce both thermal and electrical energy. This 99% efficient system uses the Free Piston Stirling Generator technology that is completely sealed, requiring zero maintenance. The Qnergy mCHP engine has a similar maintenance cycle to a traditional boiler so there is genarally no need to bring in any additional professionals. The system is designed and sized for light commercial or large residential applications. It should be noted that multiple systems can be “cascaded” together for larger on-site needs.

Important note:
CHP operating parameters require long running hours per day in order to enhance the efficiencies found in the system and gain the main benefits of thermal energy and co-generated on-site electrical power.
A CHP does not like to stop & start with intermittent running,(it isn’t an instantaneous Combi boiler that can deliver on demand) therefore, if your application requiring space heating, or LTHW cannot guarantee at least 4-6 hours consistent run hours at a time using the thermal heat produced (vai a thermal store) to ensure a return temperature coming back to the mCHP  is <60 degrees, then mCHP probably isn’t the correct choice for your type of application.

 Features Benefits

 Maintenance Free generator

Hermetically sealed environment (engine level) – zero maintenance at 60,000 hour cycle

System is designed for boiler-like maintenance cycle

 No oil change

No Bearings

No Gearbox

 High-efficiency engine (up to 37% heat to electricity)

Up to 95% system efficiency

 Low emission and reduced operation costs
 Low vibration level (engine is suspended using straps) Ease of implementation in residential buildings


Gas agnostic engine (external combustion)

Grid frequency independent (worldwide 50/60hz deployment)

 Can work on any gas

Worldwide deployment

 Modularity – Cascade ready Fast expansion

Qnergy’s CHP Stirling engine is shown in the schematic below.
It operates just like a standard boiler generating thermal energy, but it generates electricity by using some of the heat created by the natural gas or LPG fuel to initiate the Stirling engine. The thermal energy produced can be used for priming domestic hot water, delivering space heating, or for heating a swimming pool, a hot tub or any other commercial type of application with a thermal heat load demand.

Stirling Engine CHP