Here at Helec Limited we are able to build & deliver fully operational Packaged Plant Rooms designed and constructed off site ready to be installed directly onto your site location with associated equipment and BMS controls, all ready to go as “plug & play” in order to minimise additional works prior to the initial set up & commissioning process removing the need for additional sub-contractors.

Our EnSmart Packaged Plant Rooms (often supplied with a sized Combined Heat & Power unit acting as the “lead boiler”whilst generating on-site power) are designed and built by Helec at our off site build facility in order to produce a full turnkey HVAC solution specifically for your site application.

Wether you are a specifier, a construction build company, or an M&E contractor looking for a cost effective plant room solution Helec can confidently build you an off-site package, even within this current COVID pandemic.
So, don’t delay, feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements.
Our team of designers and build teams at Helec have over 17 years experience in the HVAC world and will guide you through all stages of the process required, from planning and design, through the build programme and the subsequent delivery to site.



An EnSmart 200 packaged plant room delivered by Helec being 2nd fixed on site in a Wembley residential apartment block scheme in 2019


Click below to take a virtual tour around some of our completed plant room systems. Remember, everythng you view has been built and installed by Helec.


The plantrooms skeletal frameworks (skids) are constructed in-house with the ability to be walked in to place within the existing plant room reducing the need for “hot works” on site.

These offsite constructed packaged plant room solutions can be installed within existing designed building plant rooms, or Helec can produce externally sited acoustic cladded units and bespoke modules manufactured to replicate the job specific plantroom enclosure. Plantrooms can be produced in any size from small single section enclosures up to ‘multi-module’ containerised enclosures up to 40 Metres long x 20 Metres wide.

As well as designing the plant rooms and systems we work closely with industry leading HVAC equipment suppliers to provide all the associated services you require including:

Gas Fired Boilers – High efficiency modulating boilers installed on a skid frame with headers to operate in a cascading formation enabling the most effective thermal load support to the building whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

BMS Control – Helec design and build site relevant building management control systems incorporating the Niagara 4 contact control system enabling several hundred signals to be remotely monitored and controlled with ease and efficiency. By having access to view these signals 24/7 Helec is able to further enhance the systems dynamic efficiency as we periodically monitor seasonal variances and building ‘trends’ to optimise the plant room efficiencies, which in turn results in saving the client ££££ money.

Flues – Twin walled stainless steel flues will be sized and fitted independently to export engine & boiler exhaust gases away from the plant room to a safe external terminal area (normally vertically to the roof area)

Electrical Installation Works – Complete installation and connection of electrical wiring required to establish power and communications to all plant room equipment, operating alarms and thermal sensors.

Duct Work – Natural and mechanically circulated ventilation systems maintain airflow in and out of the plant room area to ensure adequate air supply for combustion and cooling is always available to ensure optimum running conditions for plant room equipment.

Pump Sets – Sized single and twin headed duty / standby highly efficient thermostatically controlled pumps are designed for load sizing and installed to distribute the buildings heating and water requirements.

Pipework – All required plant room pipework is supplied and fitted (using mapress or flanged stainless steel fittings) to distribute hydraulic and gas services to and from the plant room boundary out to the buildings services.

Water Filtration, pressurisation and spill ‘n’ fill sets – Hydraulic systems in a plant rooom circuit need to be pressurised & to stay clean and clear of foreign particulates in order to prolong life expectancy. Enwa Side Stream Filtration systems constantly cleanse the sealed circuit 24/7 in order to maintain the best quality is always available.

Our HVAC plant rooms provide everything your scheme or project needs to come to fruition – reducing management time and overheads through our cost effective turnkey solutions.

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