Multiple gas boilers connected together in a cascading format onto a hydraulic network (often referred to as a Low Loss header) provide the most efficient use of the gas fuel needed when generating varying levels of thermal energy for space heating and the production of domestic water in most commercial applications as opposed to the use of a single large boiler.

Helec have years of experience in designing and supplying such applications where the plant room and building demand may vary seasonally and with the change in occupation (seen often in college student accommodation blocks and residential district heating schemes.

Reasons for considering a Helec Gas boiler Pak plant;
> It allows the majority of the work required to be manufactured off site reducing the on-site works programme for the project
> Reduced need for ‘hot work’ (welding) as most of the units will be already coupled together on skid frames
> Single contractor responsibility for the project
> High engineering with Quality Standards
> The use of intelligent controls and thermal sensors enable the optimal modulation to ensure best use of the fuel used.
> A pre-delivery inspection with pre-commissioning and testing is provided.

If you have an enquiry or a potential project then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Helec to see how we can look to help as we work with consultants, developers and contractors through all aspects of the project.