Indop Micro CHP


Electrical Output 6 kWe
Thermal Output 13.6 kWth


Electrical Eff 28.2%
Thermal Eff 64.6%
Total Eff 92.8%

Gas Consumption (kW)


Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1200 x 800 x 1140

NOx emissions ,Mg/m3


Optional Catalyst


Sound rating dB @1 Meter



Circa £21,000

BIM File

Highly efficient Combined Heat & Power unit generating 6kW(e) whilst providing 13.6 kW(th) energy enabling this quiet low NOx emitting unit to deliver substantial savings to small commercial properties requiring space heating and domestic hot water production with on-site electrical savings from this small compact “plug and play” CHP unit.

Indop CHP is developed and manufactured in Slovenia by the Gorenje Group and distributed and commissioned throughout the UK by Helec Ltd along with a full service and support facility.

Typical applications where these CHP units are suitable are schools, hotels, leisure centres, care homes and community hospitals.

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