CHP Unit

Capital Cost: : £45k |
Simple payback: : 2.8 yrs |
Project time: : 5 months

This care home is a state of the art 60 bed care home with a specialist dementia suite, built in August 2011. Helec were appointed by Inviron to supply the CHP unit. CHP is an ideal choice for heat and energy as they work well with low temperature returns, which is a requirement for care homes.

Living room
Maynard House
Moat House terrace
View over lake


Space within the plant room was at a premium and a high-efficiency unit was required to ensure the client met carbon targets. The client needed a compact solution with a minimum amount of ongoing servicing.


The EM20NG unit is a compact, quiet and efficient unit that has proved ideally suited for this project. Servicing is only required twice a year and it comes with remote monitoring and control.


The unit is typically working 16 hours per day. Because of the nature of the home, the remote monitoring and access has minimised disruption and meant that the unit has proved an efficient technology for this building.