Pre packaged plant room

Cf SH 4 : Met Cf SH 4 |
Capital Cost: : £230,000 |
Payback : 6 years |
PPP timescales : 16 weeks

Reflections is a mixed private and affordable housing development of over 70 one and two bedroom apartments located in West Drayton.


The developer – Bellway Homes needed to meet Code level 4 and were considering the energy options to achieve this. CHP, solar thermal, biomass and air source heat pumps were all evaluated. Ensuring the most cost-effective and carbon efficient solution was key and CHP came out as the best option.


Helec were appointed by Bellway Homes to provide a pre packaged plant room to supply the 3 buildings that made up the development. The open skid based pre-pack consisted of 5 Broag boilers, 3 x 4000 litre thermal stores and an Energimizer 20 kWe CHP unit.


Helec met project dates for delivery and provided expert support during the crucial commissioning and early stages of implementation. By being involved at the initial stages Helec was able to demonstrate that the originally specified 100kWe CHP was larger than required to reach the necessary carbon saving of 28%.
A 20kWe CHP has now been selected for the purpose, the smaller CHP unit representing a saving in both space and cost to the client. The CHP unit with thermal stores meets the base load (80% of total heat and DHW requirements), with the boilers utilised as back up for peak demand periods. Helec have full remote access to the plant room, thereby ensuring pro-active monitoring and adjustment of the plant to guarantee continued optimal performance.