Combined Heat & Power Unit

Capital Cost: : 75 K |
Fuel savings PA: : £17,000 |
CO2 Savings PA: : 58,741 kgs |
Simple payback: : 4.4 yrs |
Project time: : 4 months

Leeds City Council identified a need for improved leisure facilities within its area. To better meet these needs it commissioned the building of a new £28M leisure centre “Holt Park Active”. This modern and spacious activity centre encompasses many energy efficiency measures including a Combined Heat & Power unit in its own pre-built plantroom.

Contractor M&E: Interserve

Design consultants: Hoarelea


Holt Park pool
Holt Park cafe
Holt Park Gym
Holt Park Entrance


The client needed a fully packaged unit ready to be installed with a minimum of work, whilst reducing the capital outlay. The unit will be connected directly to the building heating system via an underground heating network.

Solution and Outcome

Helec built a fully packaged 20 kW chp, thermal stores and control system into a converted 20ft shipping container. The unit was installed within one week and is now fully operational.