Combined Heat & Power Unit

Capital Cost: : 75 K |
Fuel savings PA: : £17,000 |
CO2 Savings PA: : 58,741 kgs |
Simple payback: : 4.4 yrs |
Project time: : 4 months

Leeds City Council identified a need for improved leisure facilities within its area. To better meet these needs it commissioned the building of a new £28M leisure centre “Holt Park Active”. This modern and spacious activity centre encompasses many energy efficiency measures including a Combined Heat & Power unit in its own pre-built plantroom.

Contractor M&E: Interserve

Design consultants: Hoarelea


Holt Park pool
Holt Park cafe
Holt Park Gym
Holt Park Entrance


The brief : The client needed a fully packaged CHP unit ready to be installed with minimum site hot works and disruption, whilst needing to reduce the capital outlay. The containerised unit will need to be connected directly to the building heating system via an underground trench heating network.

Solution and Outcome

Helec designed and built a fully packaged 20 kW CHP unit complete with a supporting thermal store and a control system into a converted 20ft shipping container. The unit was installed within one week and is now fully operational.