Power Box PB 138NG system

Capital Cost : 183K |
Fuel Savings PA : £65,000 |
CO2 Savings PA : 429,741 kgs |
Simple Payback : 2.8 yrs |
Project Time : 5 months

Beechwood School is maintained by Pinnacle FM working in partnership with Slough Borough Council. This is a large school with a swimming pool and a hydro therapy centre.

The original building was constructed about 8 years ago and although the plantroom had sufficient space for the additional chp unit no access had been left for its easy inclusion. Some creative thinking was needed to get the unit in place with the minimum of interruption.


The client is enviromentally focused but also has a need to demonstrate signifi cant fi nancial savings for new capital investment.

Solution and Outcome

The client chose the Power Box PB 138NG system to complement the existing suite of boilers. It is expected that the system will achieve a payback in less than 5 years