When it comes to importance, your plant room outranks nearly every other facet of operations. If your plant room goes down, you have no other recourse to provide the power your business needs to run. A downed plant room means nothing can happen until it is back up and running, which can affect all other areas of your business.

With proactive maintenance, you can offset these potentially disastrous developments and save money. With a little forward planning and maintenance, your plant room will always run as it should, giving you the power to do what you need to do.

Maintenance Equals Lower Costs

Even if you are in a brand-new property and all your plant room equipment is likewise modern and shining, it can be easy to think that maintenance is something for future and doesn’t need to be considered. This is a common misconception that many organisations fall into, and it’s because of this that a plant room can end up costing more than it should.

Maintenance is not just something to do now and then to check everything is still running, it’s an ongoing process that ensures every part of your plant room is operating at maximum efficiency.

This means you are getting the most power possible from your plant room and not losing money – sums which are not insignificant.

It is also through maintenance checks that you will find any small-scale faults that could develop into bigger, more expensive issues. A small fault spotted at its start is a quick, inexpensive fix. A large fault that has been left to build is far more likely to result in downtime and higher repair costs.


At its core, a plant room is an area of powerful, potentially dangerous machines, and this must always be kept in mind. For the sake of anyone who lives or works near to a plant room, you need to be sure that your plant room is fully functional and totally safe.

What this means is established rules and guidelines for who is allowed to enter the plant room, but also ensuring that the plant room is tidy and free of hazards. This could mean trailing ceiling wires, obstructions on the floor or anything else that might cause someone to trip or hinder them in working in the plant room.

A plant room is a significant investment, but it is also the beating heart of the business. A robust, proactive maintenance plan will ensure you are always seeing the maximum benefit and spot any issues before they become costly.

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